Who we are

The GF Story

In the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world was challenged to face the global pandemic which unconsciously  brought many facets in our lives that we were unsure of. It also sparked global unity in creativity. 

My name is not Gem nor Framboise (fran .bwaz). But, it sounds cool enough that I sometimes wished it was! It is simply derived from French words…. J’aime framboise meaning I like raspberry! J’aime when pronounced in French, sounded like Gem to me, so why not make it into a precious stone admired for its beauty and shine!

Star of the Show

THe Epic Pink pancit

As featured on IRL (In Real Life) episode hosted by Gabbi Garcia aired on July 1, 2021 via GMA TV, Philippine’s prime network.

Get Recipe Here:

The Epic Pink Pancit (Filipino Stir Fry Noodles -Pink Version)

Our journey

Where are we?

I’m currently living in one of the most beautiful country in the world, Switzerland. 

Switzerland is known for its quality living and of course delicious cheeses and chocolates!

Moving from the U.S. wasn’t a walk in the park. Everyday is an opportunity for me to embrace the amazing Swiss culture. 

I can’t wait to share to you my love of cooking and pastries using fresh ingredients right here from Switzerland. 

Hi and welcome to Gem Framboise!
My name is Dhin. I'm delighted that you are here to join me in cooking delicious food and baking adorable pastries. Working in the kitchen became my therapy when the pandemic struck all of us. Join me on my journey, one bite at a time.

Are you ready to have some quality time in the kitchen?

As Featured on

Gma TV Network, Philippines